After 15 years of experience, Dj B-Rys is one of the most talented Dj from the Fench scene. 
Thanks to his various performances, this outstanding DJ, a real music fanatic, has developped his contacts with the audience. 
He’s been approached by several young talented artists such as Cifack, Fox & Trice and Sifoor.

In 2010, his talent and professionalism crossed, quite naturally, the way of the artist LECK: that will be the beginning of their official collaboration. 
Following the release of LECK’s album « Je Suis Vous » in January 2013, Dj B-Rys has been travelling all over France by his side for a series of concerts. More than 300 up to now.

The label Def Jam has noticed him and has suggested him to work with the female artist VITAA for her comeback on the French scene. He has been traveling with her throughout France to help her defend her new album « Ici Et Maintenant ».

DJ B-Rys is at ease behind his record decks, whether performing with an artist, or by himself in a club. 
He can easily respect the concept and identity of each event : seminar, grand opening, students party night, musical show...

The diversity of his musical culture makes him a heterogenous Dj. 
He has released his first project « Where Do Yougo ? », a free download mixtape (13 000 downloads to this day).
 He is also working on a monthly series of podcast « Attrapes Moi Si Tu Peux » (free download). 
Currently he is in studio recording his first album. He has just signed the artist WEYZ on his own label « Unity Event ».